Common Amenities

There is so much to offer it can be difficult to organize and list. Here are the features and amenities you will want to know about. Be sure to review all the details. You won't want to miss anything. But remember amenities may not all be available at all times.


Amenity Proximity Distance  
Minimum Rental Age is 25 Unit
Child Friendly Complex
CO Detector(s) Unit
Pet Friendly Property Complex
Full Kitchen Unit
Lake Resort Complex
No Smoking Unit


Amenity Proximity Distance  
Beachfront Resort Complex
Rural Area Complex
Village Resort Complex


Amenity Proximity Distance  
Full Lake View Complex
Full Water View Complex


Amenity Proximity Distance  
All Sundries Provided Unit
Cooking Range Unit
Refrigerator - Freezer Unit
Coffeemaker Unit
Flatware Unit


Amenity Proximity Distance  
All Linens Provided Unit
Cleaning at Departure Complex
Clothes Washer Unit


Amenity Proximity Distance  
LDS Church Area 5 Miles
Protestant Church Area 4 Miles
Family Friendly Complex
Unreliable Mobile Phone Coverage
Post Office Area 4 Miles


Amenity Proximity Distance  
Convenience Store Complex
Small Plane Airport Area 2 Miles
Front Desk open business hours Complex
Full Resort Privileges Complex


Amenity Proximity Distance  
DVD Player Unit
Resort Hot Tub Complex
Wine Tours Complex
Marina Complex


Amenity Proximity Distance  
Resort Pool Outdoors Complex
Fitness Center Complex
Boat Dock Free Complex
Fire Pit Complex
Hiking Trails Area 1 Mile
Historical Tours Area 10 to 15 Miles


Amenity Proximity Distance  
High Speed Wireless Internet Unit


Amenity Proximity Distance  
Lacrosse Field Complex
Freshwater Fishing Area
Hiking Area
Golf Courses Area 10 to 15 Miles
Lake Swimming Area
Downhill Skiing Area 41 to 50 Miles


Amenity Proximity Distance  
Wineries Area 10 to 15 Miles


Amenity Proximity Distance  
Restaurant Complex

DETAILS: Care is taken to maintain properties in good condition. However, due to guest mis-use, weather, repairs or break down not all amenities may be available at all times. Furniture, equipment and furnishings may change from time to time and differences in design, outfitting, features or amenities will not result in a refund or be reason for allowing for cancellation. For features essential to your stay, seek guarantee of such prior to booking.