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Diamond Belle has a magic to it…

On my first trip to diamond Belle I turned off the main road and as I drove the final mile or so I was paying attention to the scenery and the Neighboring properties to see what I thought.

As I drove along I remember distinctly the feeling of suddenly driving through an invisible veil or barrier. It was profound.

My first thought was " wow that was interesting" immediately everything was somehow nicer/clearer/different?? Actually not describable. But immensely pleasurable.

Diamond Belle has a magic to it...

On my way out I was curious if I would feel something as I passed through..what? I did. It's more plain or ordinary out here.??

On my second trip I made the same turn and anticipated... And sure enough, whatever I sensed was there and I passed through it again.

I can't tell what it is...but my sense is there is power there! Go there. – David