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Seattle Corporate Housing & Vacation Rental Alliance Announced

(News Item #0149, Published: 05/01/09, Author: Ronald Wallace Lee,

Pacific Guest Suites, a boutique corporate housing provider headquartered in Seattle Washington has announced a strategic alliance with Sunspot Resorts a vacation rental operator from Seattle.

Pacific Guest Suits operates a large selection of apartment and condominium homes around the Puget Sound region which it rents to corporate employees, relocated executives and medical patients and families needing medium term accommodations of a few weeks to a few months. In its schedule the company often has short term vacancies which are not always of interest to its core clients.

"That's where Sunspots comes in," said Bill Neil, President of Pacific Guest Suites. "Sunspots is an expert at renting homes on a weekly basis and they often need the exact kind of openings for their guests that we find ourselves with."

"You might think Pacific and our company would be competitive, but they are not," remarked Penny Taylor, Vice President of Sunspots. "Short-term guests often go begging to find fully serviced homes in the major urban and suburban areas. And now with Pacific we have plenty to offer them."

Advertising to these two markets differ markedly. Says Taylor, "Vacation Rentals require persistent advertising to produce a heavy stream of inquiries and customer contact. We can often sell nights on short term notice."

"What I like best is that they operate a wide variety of websites to attract guests from all over the world," observes Neil. Corporate Housing, on the other hand is more of a long-term relationship business. "So the cooperation between Sunspot Resorts and Pacific Guest Suites is good everyone, most importantly the guests."